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Digital Dentistry
04/07/2019 18:30, London (UK)


The introduction of a whole range of digital devices and processing software, together with new aesthetic materials and powerful manufacturing and prototyping tools, is radically transforming the dental profession.

Join Visiting Professor Adam Nulty to learn how the evolution of digital technology and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture systems is creating exciting opportunities for improving oral and dental healthcare.


  • Look at how Digital Dentistry impacts Patient Communication
  • Discuss Digital Dentistry and its impact on dental practice 


  • Understand what the benefits are to the team and the patient and also what limitations there are
  • Understand how the different applications of digital dentistry can integrate into dental practice

Learning Content

The lecture will provide an introduction to Digital Dentistry and give an insight as to what applications and usages of the newest hardware and software technology can be used in dental practice.

Primary Development Outcome


Secondary Development Outcome