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Ceramic dental implants: a hype or a stayer?
26/06/2019 18:30, London (UK)


Ceramic or zirconia implants become more and more a reliable alternative for their titanium counterparts. Whereas former products lacked mechanical strength, the actual materials show promising results in comparison to titanium implants. But of course, zirconia has much more characteristics that makes it valuable for implant dentistry. Since there are still a lot of myths around this “hot” topic and since some just see it as a transient hype, we offer clear actual clinical insights.


  • History of ceramic implants 
  • Specific material characteristic of zirconia 
  • Advantages of zirconia implants for the patient & clinician 
  • Overview of the actual zirconia implant market 


To introduce delegates to the use of zirconia dental implants as a “new” option to replace missing teeth in an aesthetic and biologic way.


  • To increase knowledge of the material zirconia as implant material.
  • To understand the advantages of these materials for patients and clinicians
  • Gain an insight in the bio-holistic dental approach
  • Increase comprehension on different systems and their applications