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Furcation Dilemma: To extract or to save?
20/06/2019 19:30, London (UK)


Furcation management is one of the hot topics in Periodontology especially in the light of the recent advances in Regeneration, the availability of new Biomaterials and the further knowledge about Implants.

The decision making about saving or extracting a furcated tooth needs to rely upon a proper diagnostic pathway, on a broad knowledge about long term outcomes of classic or new treatment options and further on the comparative consideration between implant and tooth restoration success and survival rates.


  • Anatomy/Development
  • Diagnostic Algoritm
  • Classification of Periodontal Diseases
  • Tooth mortality in treated and untreated cases
  • Success/Survival Rates in Furcated Treated teeth
  • Success/Survival Rates in Implant Restorations


To develop the necessary skills needed to improve decision-making skills which are vital for saving/extracting molars with furcation invasion. 


  • Formulation of Proper Diagnosis,
  • Knowledge of Risk Assessment in Periodontal Treatment,
  • Knowledge of Risks/Benefits of Periodontal Treatments in Furcated Teeth,
  • Knowledge of Risks/benefits of Implant Replacement in Periodontal Patients

Primary Development Outcome:

  • To increase knowledge about molar tooth anatomy and pathology
  • Be able to proficiently perform a safe and reliable diagnosis of furcation involvement and its impact on the Classification Criteria

Secondary Development Outcome:

  • Improve decision making of potential treatment options for furcated teeth and knowledge of the expected long term outcomes
  • Improve decision making of implant replacement and knowledge of the expected long term outcomes