Webinar Details

Details of one of our webinars

Occlusion Simplified
13/06/2019 18:30, London (UK)

This free webinar is intended for those interested in Avanced General Dentistry and specifically, the simplification of occlusions.


  • To understand when, why and how facebrow records are useful.
  • To give an insight into the mechanics of teeth in relation to the function of the gnathological apparatus and the science (or lack of it) behind its concepts.
  • To demystify the subject and provide easy, practical and relevant solutions to most problems encountered in the practice

Learning content:

  • The relationship of teeth in the study of occlusion using the tools of recording and reproducing occlusion to discuss what is practical and possible for its understanding. 


  • Participants will gain a better understanding of why, when, and how not to use the tools that record and reproduce occlusion.

Primary development outcome

  • To have more confidence in using the tools that record and reproduce patient occlusion

Secondary development outcome

  • To be able to challenge the myths and misconception that surrounds the field of gnathology