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Interceptive Orthodontics: What to treat and what to refer
05/06/2019 18:30, London (UK)


The need for interceptive orthodontics should be assessed at every visit of the growing patient.  Many common developing orthodontic problems can be treated with ease early, whilst others require an onward referral.  At other times, monitoring is more appropriate. Parmjit will outline the presentation of a range of different developing orthodontic problems and highlight their management strategies.



- Be familiar with normal and abnormal development in relation to orthodontics

- Learn the techniques used for simple interceptive orthodontics and appreciate when specialist referral is required


Learning Content

Normal orthodontic development

Prevalence of children that could benefit from early interception

Reasons for general dental practitioners not providing early interception

Benefits of early treatment

Management of:

            Delayed eruption or abnormal sequence of eruption

            Digit habits

            Crossbites with displacements

            Palpation of unerupted upper canines




Be familiar with normal development

Appreciate abnormal development

Be able to undertake simple interception

Know when to make a specialist referral