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Invisalign: Making Difficult Restorative Cases Easy with Tooth Movement
27/03/2019 19:30, London (UK)
Align Technology (Invisalign)

Minimally invasive dentistry is at the forefront of dentistry due to increased awareness of the complications associated with more traditional treatments. Cosmetic dentistry has also seen a paradigm shift in its thought process with technology and material developments driving a change towards less invasive ways to transform smiles. Dr Vasant will guide you through his thought process of using Invisalign as a pre restorative tool to assist  in adhesive/restorative dentistry.

Aim & Objectives

  • Learn the benefits of pre-restorative tooth movement, by delving deep into the conditions where it enables a more conservative, stable and aesthetic outcome
  • Understand how pre-restorative tooth movement allows for an easier restorative approach

Learning Content

  • Demonstrate how the latest digital technologies can benefit your practice and make orthodontic treatment predictable
  • Show how correct planning can remove labour intensive elements which can put a strain on the practice
  • Show how visualisation of the end result before starting any treatment can make a huge difference both for patients and dentists

By participating in this free webinar you will also earn 1 hour of verifiable CPD.
You will also be able to ask interact and ask live questions during the webinar.