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Invisalign Clear Aligners – ‘Engineering a clear way forward for general dentists’
17/07/2017 19:00, London (UK)
Align Technology (Invisalign)

In 1999, Align Technology introduced the Invisalign® System; a nearly invisible teeth straightening treatment – engineered today to treat a range of malocclusions – from simple to complex.

Most recently Align Technology has launched a dedicated solution for the general dentist to correct minor anterior misalignment called Invisalign Go. It is a simplified approach which guides you through identifying, planning and treating aesthetic cases.

Join the webinar presented by Dr. Raman Aulakh and Dr. Barry Buckley to find out how Invisalign enables general dentists to treat more patients and learn:

  • How Invisalign Go works
  • How it can improve business profitability
  • How to integrate Invisalign Go into dental practices
  • How to actively communicate Invisalign Go to patients

This live webinar will be followed by a Q&A session that enables you get peer-to-peer advice from Platinum Invisalign specialist Dr. Raman Aulakh and Dr. Barry Buckley. For more information about the product and to register for one of our certification courses in your area please visit http://www.invisalign-go.co.uk