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Details of one of our webinars

Stress-Free Extractions for You and Your Patient
01/09/2016 19:30, London (UK)

It is important to do an extraction with as little damage as possible to both the hard and soft tissue.  The amount of alveolar bone left intact after the extraction will play a significant role in the long term prognosis of an implant.

An overview of different extraction instruments will be covered. Extra focus will be put on the usage of Luxator®periotomes, both manual and mechanical (Luxator LX®), to provide both the dentist and the patient with a more predictable and gentle extraction procedure.

In this webinar, Dr van Rensburg will share useful tips and tricks gathered during his 40 years of involvement in dentistry and private practice.

  • Delegates will learn different techniques which will help them to do minimally-invasive , safe and predictable extractions.
  • Delegates will learn how to use the popular Luxator instuments correctly when doing an extraction.
  • Delegates will learn practical guidelines when planning for an extraction.
  • Tips and tricks in dentistry will be shared.