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Latest Innovations to make everyday Dentistry Easier
06/10/2015 19:30, London (UK)

Improvements in equipment, materials and bonding techniques are key factors in providing the clinician and the patient with new minimally invasive choices.  Join Dr van Rensburg for this webinar as he will take you through very relevant subjects like Fibre reinforced composite, the Luxator extraction instruments, Rubber dam isolation with the unique Dry-Dam, matrix systems for posterior composites and many other useful tips and tricks. The carefully designed Fender range of matrixes  will assist the clinician to place a predictable composite restoration without a proximal overhang and will ensure a tight proximal contact between the restoration and the adjacent tooth.

The importance of pre-separation and the protection of the adjacent tooth while drilling as well as a new technique for composite restorations in the very problematic sub-gingival cavities will also be  discussed.